Tiruchirappalli, the fourth largest corporation in Tamil Nadu, has been ranked among the top few cities with improved sanitation since 2010. Existing urban sanitation facilities and services are being strengthened to ensure that the city is 100% sanitation secure.


In order to fight Covid-19, Tiruchirappalli City Corporation took various steps. The ULB ensured that the bus station was sanitised regularly and other public spaces and streets were kept clean. Disinfectants were sprayed to control the spread of other diseases and keep the city sanitised. Daily screening of sanitation workers for COVID-19 was made mandatory.

Furthermore, awareness training was given to sanitation workers, about how to take various precautions while working, and on the importance of preventive measures at the workplaces. In addition to this, PPE kits and nutrition-rich food was given to them. Medical check-ups were conducted to make sure that they were not suffering from any major health issues. Direct interactions were made by the officials of Tiruchirappalli City Corporation with the sanitation workers. This helped in building their confidence in the whole situation.

The City Corporation officers found interlinkages with the Public Health Department, Police Department and Private Trust volunteers during the Covid period. Additionally, the sanitation workers who were providing their service all throughout the COVID lockdown period were having trouble finding transportation to go to their workplaces. The Tiruchirappalli City Corporation solved this issue by providing them with transportation from their residences to their workplaces.    





More support from private stakeholders and volunteers' involvement would have been more helpful and effective during COVID, said V. Tirupathi.

In the future, the Tiruchirappalli City Corporation hopes to be able to utilise innovative technologies for waste collection and safe disposal of the same.

National Faecal Sludge and Septage Management Alliance

The National Faecal Sludge and Septage Management Alliance is a collaborative body, convened in 2016 and supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, working with governments and decision-makers across the country at national, state and city levels to drive safe and sustainable urban sanitation in India.

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